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How to avoid lower jaw crusher production

Time:2015-11-20 15:14:36 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Because jaw wear or displacement, or affect other conditions, will lead to lower yields, let's look at how to avoid lower jaw crusher production.

Reducing wear parts

1, the main components if broken jaw crusher subject to wear, will make the material is not completely broken, reach production requirements, so that the production of the device is reduced. You can install the wear lining

Boards and other methods to reduce jaw crusher jaw wear.

2, in the production of parts to pay attention to check the wear, such as jaw and bearing wear will increase work space, reduce production capacity. So we want to slight wear parts

Repair, the timely replacement of badly worn parts. Note align the relative position of the jaw, to ensure the addendum to the tooth root and fixed clamping to prevent jaw displacement.

Blocking material within the prohibited equipment

1, the material should meet the requirements. Applicable materials jaw crusher expressly prohibited material hardness is too large or impurities into the device. For more hydrous material, the first for screening and removal

Water preparations to reduce the viscosity of water and materials and reduce clogging of materials.

2, transfer large discharge opening size. Jaw crusher nesting population does not meet the required standards, resulting in the crushed material can not be discharged from the crushing cavity, causing blockage material. Therefore, the need

To appropriate transfer large nesting population size, to ensure that the discharge flow.

Meet production conditions

1, to ensure voltage stability. If the jaw crusher operating voltage is too low, it can not provide enough power for normal operation of the equipment. Hence the need to adjust the voltage, ensure the supply voltage

Stable power supply, provide good conditions for the production of jaw crusher.

2, the electrical wiring is correct. Jaw crusher motor wiring reversed position, or motor connected in delta connection star connection, will cause the host rotating in the wrong order, not to the movable jaw tooth plate

Extruding the material. Therefore, we must ensure that the motor wiring is correct, increase the intensity of broken material, increase production capacity jaw crusher.


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