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Material properties affect the jaw crusher performance

Time:2015-11-20 15:06:58 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Each model has its own crusher applicable materials, if the input materials within the device properly, will greatly reduce the performance of the machine, let's take a look at the impact of the nature of the material to thejaw crusher performance.

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1. The material content of fines. If too much material in the amount of fines, these fines will be attached to the machine wall, crushing and discharging the impact of material and reduce the performance of jaw crusher. So we should be fine material content is too early screening, in order to reduce the content of the material fines.

2. The material hardness. Material hardness is too high, the more difficult it
jaw crusher, but also cause some wear and tear on the equipment, so when we feed, we must ensure that the materials in the crushing capacity of the jaw crusher, otherwise it will backfire.

3. The water content of the material. If the material is too much water in the interior of the device is easy to attach to the adhesion crushing cavity wall, seriously affecting the performance of the broken jaw crusher. If not cleared up, it will result in blocking material within the device, causing bearing damage, reduce production capacity and other consequences, serious and even cause sudden shutdown jaw crusher.

4. viscosity materials. Material equivalent to the material viscosity is too large too much water, the consequences can also cause internal jaw crusher blocking materials, reducing efficiency jaw crusher. Therefore, we should pay attention to the material viscosity is too large can not be put into the machine, so as not to affect the normal operation of the jaw crusher.More than a few aspects that affect the device materials when working on, we a lot of attention in the daily production of these areas, reduce the input material undue influence on the jaw crusher work, improve the capacity
of the device.


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