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Symons cone crusher features and working environment

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    With the progress of science and technology, mining technology has been the development of technology and process equipment is constantly breaking progress, domestic crushing equipment started relatively late, compared to the level of development and foreign countries there are some gaps, but crushing plant in the country's development speed is very fast, the development of crushing equipment in the country soon became a competitive industry, and crushing equipment manufacturers more and more, in order to take advantage in the competition, some of the manufacturers have the introduction of foreign advanced technology and processes, and on this basis, through self-innovation has developed a new crushing equipment, also developed quickly cone crusher, cone crusher has a very broad range, there are many new equipment.

Symons cone crusher


Symons cone crusher is a new and efficient crusher equipment replacement cone crusher, which is in the introduction, on the basis of absorbing foreign technology, according to customer needs, based on multi-laminated crushing principle and break less grinding conceptual design and development The combination of high pendulum frequency, optimized cavity and reasonable stroke in one of modern high-performance spring cone crusher. Practice has proved that Symons cone crusher with its excellent performance, reliable quality and high price to win the trust of users worldwide, is the traditional ideal alternative cone crusher. The device has a high performance, compared with the same type of spring cone crusher, with higher performance and productivity. Product size distribution is good: the laminated crushing principle to make the product significantly increased the proportion of the cube, flake stone needles reduced grain size more uniform. Good stability, easy to clean the cavity, if the spring cone crusher downtime in the load state, hydraulic clear cavity system can quickly clean up the crushing chamber, greatly reducing downtime. To facilitate ease of operation, low maintenance cost. There are a wide range of applications, Symons cone crusher play performance to suit a variety of crushing processes: from special coarse crushing to fine crushing, crushing from fixed to mobile crushing station.

Symons cone crusher can be widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, cement, construction, metallurgy, transportation, aggregate production and other industries, can also be used in the construction of gravel, sand production process, especially broken basalt and other hard materials, but also for black, non-ferrous metal beneficiation process, can effectively reduce the size of ore into the mill, multi-break less grinding, both to improve the mill's production capacity, and energy-saving, section steel, greatly improve the election economic plants.


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