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Cone crusher product shape control

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Cone crusher crushing equipment as often, their broken product shape is the main indicator of the quality of production. In particular, some applications require a cone crusher product needle tabular grains to meet certain standards, so crushed product particle shape control is necessary.

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, mining, water and other buildings, and played a key role in the respective production process. Broken main object machine for ore material, its particle shape (geometry of the material particles) is the main indicator broken product quality evaluation, usually can be divided into a cubic shape and flakiness.

Elongated particles in crushed product share of the mass fraction of needle chip rate, is to evaluate the crushed product grain shape of quantitative indicators. Affect the rate of needle factors include ore type, type crushers, crushing stage, feed particle size, closed side discharge opening size (CSS), and the amount of material fed into the eccentric shaft speed.

In the construction sector, the increase in concrete aggregate flakiness particles can lead to building overall compressive strength decline and increase in cement consumption in the building process; likewise, in the asphalt mix, the particles will increase flakiness resulting in decreased overall density of the mixture and the compressive and tensile strength. Thus, the needle piece rate for crusher product quality plays an important role.

Then we control for the
cone crusher product needle chip rate to explain:

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When the material by cone crusher chamber, the needle with the extrusion rate of occurrence of events and the rapid increase in the broken, to a certain extent and then gradually decline. With related researches found that material before entering the crusher, after screening or particle separation process becomes more uniform particle size; after entering the crushing chamber, the material being squeezed crushing effect, flakiness particles began to appear, along with the more An increasing number of material particles squeezed broken, flakiness particles increased rapidly; when squeezed further increased fragmentation event, part of the material particles include particles including flakiness began to be 2 or more times compression.

In the latter stages of the crushing process, crushing chamber materials needle rates decline and return to the desired range. Seen in the cone crusher operation, squeezing crushing incident frequency increases, it helps to reduce the flakiness crushed product particles. Thus increasing the spindle speed can improve the quality of grain shape crushed product to a certain extent.

It can be seen, to take to improve the spindle speed, improved crusher structure parameters and increase the probability of the occurrence of an event of crushing chamber broken (broken material repetition frequency) and other measures, it is an effective way to improve the grain shape of the crushed product.

Cone crusher is more popular ore crushing equipment, can effectively control the product shape, broken product is especially popular in engineering applications. Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide you with reliable service, welcome customer dialogs through the website online consultation or call + 86-371-67660555.


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