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symons crusher crushing-type advantages

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Simmons  symons crusher crushing-type advantages:

symons crusher

Symons cone crusher is in the introduction, on the basis of absorbing foreign technology, according to customer needs, based on set theory and multi-laminated crushing less grinding broken conceptual design and development of high pendulum frequency, optimized cavity and reasonable stroke in one of modern High-performance crusher.

1. crushing chamber and more, divided into coarse, medium, fine type in three different models, the user may need to select;

2. Using a unique sealing system, to protect the working life of each member;

3. The crushing ratio, high efficiency, uniform particle size, less flakiness stones, grain shape is good;

4. the material evenly, the machine uses a unique crushing chamber shape and laminated crushing principle to make the finished product more uniform grain size;

5. cone crusher broken arm length, the impact force, crushing ratio, the material can be effectively broken the crushing chamber;

6. Low maintenance costs, reasonable structure design, parts made of wear-resistant materials, long life, broken arm length;

7. Using lubrication systems to reduce the sliding bearings, gears and load rack, reducing the circulation load;

8. hydraulic clear cavity system, easy operation, reduce downtime, low power consumption, distribution and reasonable;

9. nesting population adjustment, adjustable cone crusher nesting population size, to facilitate feeding;

10. The overload protection spring safety system allows the metallic foreign body through the crushing chamber without damage to the machine.


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