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Cone Crusher routine maintenance points

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A new machine shortly after the first start, it is necessary to be checked. Until you find a suitable frequency of checks, in order to extend the interval between inspections. You should keep a written record. Working conditions Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, load, an important instrument readings, adjustment and a variety of maintenance work carried out must have a written record. Documented proofs appended below. The following is Zhongxin Heavy Machinery Co. recommended daily check the specific content:

1. Before starting the crusher

Check the oil tank oil level.

Check the oil level in the tank to adjust the height.

Check the shut-off valve between the tank and the oil level is completely open.

Check there is no accumulation of stone house on the lower housing.

2. After the start of oil pump

Check the oil back into the tank of the situation and return the oil is clean.

Check the tubing for oil leaks.

3. Start Crusher

Check the pinion shaft oil Huili is working (for HC500, HC600).

Check the settings of the machine.

Check the hopper or hopper no stone blockage to make feed interruption.

4. Crusher work

Are observe crushers are unusual sound.

Observe whether there is an abnormal oil pump sound.

Check back to the oil temperature.

Check drive motor current or power loss.

Check the pressure regulation system.

Check the pinion axle box temperature.

Lubricating oil under examination was normal operating temperature.

Check for leakage occurs

Check the belt is released.

5. crusher stopped

Check whether the connection of the oil heater.

Check the top of the nut from the lower side of the arm meets the requirements (ie, the size of T).

Check that filtered through the filter back to the oil in the debris increases or changes, for example, appear abnormally large amount of metal particles.


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