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Factors Affecting PE jaw breaking capacity

Time:2015-10-22 12:39:45 10:10:46 AM Num:84

     PE jaw crusher song moving extrusion type, the operating principle of the two main analog animal jaw motion. Factors affecting their production capacity are the following:

PE jaw crusher

     First, the material hardness. PE jaw crusher efficiency and high crushing capacity is limited again, in the face of relatively hard materials, crushing more difficult, and also the degree of wear of PE jaw crusher is relatively large, shorten life, and therefore When selecting the material, its hardness not higher than the maximum hardness equipment marked the material that can be broken.

     Secondly, the viscosity of the material. The viscosity is too strong material sometimes adheres to the inner wall of the device, if not timely clean-up, the operation will increase the adhesion of the material gravity PE jaw crusher, but also reduce material flow path and the frequency of such PE jaw broken work efficiency and productivity.

     Further, the humidity of materials. The more wet material, the more likely adhesion, the viscosity of the material in the crushing chamber machine will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing chamber, serious cases may affect the normal operation. So, the choice of materials, be sure to pay attention to the viscosity of the material is not easy too.

     Finally, the wear member. The crusher is the use of impact between the back plate and the plate collision hammer crushing, after a period of use these components will be subject to wear, if badly worn, it will reduce the crushing ratio of materials, thereby affecting the productivity of the crusher.


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