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Common cone crusher performance comparison

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Commonly used in the production of domestic gravel crushing and fine crushing equipment crushing process work mainly cone crusher, a number of manufacturers, but really not much regarded as superior performance. But the more common type of domestic PY cone crusher, foreign production of HP-type cone crusher and so on. Here these three common cone crusher structure and use, maintenance performance analysis and comparison of some simple.

HP Cone crusher

First, the cone of relatively fixed manner

PY Cone Crusher fixed cone by the support sleeve (with locking nut) and the adjustment ring (including fixed cone liner) by serrated thread vice connection is made. Sitting on a support sleeve base was "V" shaped branch opening round, then 6 groups (each consisting of five general bolts and springs) through the spring support cover bolts tightly secured by the spring is compressed on the base, while the upper end surface of the support sleeve has a thin lock nut, and within the upper end of the support sleeve lock cylinder studded with six circumferentially uniform, support sleeves above the lock nut job when they lock cylinder It will be lifted, so that the adjustment ring and the support sleeve tightly bound together by a screw deputy, to ensure the adjustment does not occur between the ring and the support sleeve relative rotation of equipment operation.

HP Cone crusher is the cone by the support sleeve (with locking nut) and the adjustment ring (including fixed cone liner) by serrated thread deputy connection is made, and the cone domestic cone crusher composition and fixation similar, but by six hydraulic cylinders with nitrogen accumulator will support sleeve firmly fixed rack up guarantee binding thread pairs.

Cone crusher cone is given by the frame body, fixed cone liner and the carrier rings and other components. First base was added to the body sitting on the shape of "V" branch opening round, then a set of bolts to secure it on the base, the cone liner is through a prop ring and a set of shelves bolted to the body . In contrast the cone structure H-type cone crusher composition is simpler, the cone disassembly is also convenient, but the connection of the cone and the chassis bolt higher strength requirements.

Second, the comparison of dynamic cone SUPPORT

Domestic PY Cone crusher dynamic cone (cone below convex spherical bearing) is supported on a concave spherical copper tiles, concave spherical copper tile (bowl tile rack) is mounted in the center of the base.

HP Cone crusher dynamic cone (cone below have convex spherical bearing) to support domestic crushers and similar manner, moving cone is supported on a concave spherical copper tiles. The difference is that the domestic cone crusher spindle mounted on moving cone, while the spindle HP Cone crusher is installed in the center of the rack.

Cone crusher dynamic cone is supported by dynamic cone spindle, and the lower end of the spindle is equipped with dynamic cone convex spherical bearings, and supported on the frame at the bottom of the cylinder above the piston concave spherical copper tile, while moving cone Located in the upper end of the spindle by the beam inside the sleeve upper body (the hub is located just kinetic theory rotating cone hanging point) to be fixed.

Third, the comparison of the crusher cavity sealing methods

Domestic PY series cone crusher cavity seal using the sink. That dynamic cone body beneath a circle of spherical annular ring, in support dynamic cone bowl-shaped tiles (frame) is provided with a dynamic cone annular ring corresponding annular storage tank and rubber dust ring, moving cone immersed in a spherical ring tank water to the cavity and the crushing chamber to isolate, prevent dust into the lumen. But HP Cone crusher is used labyrinth seals. Crusher cavity through a positive pressure air seal.

Domestic crusher sealed manner effect is not ideal, but there is a fatal weakness is likely to splash into the lubricating oil in the water, so the actual production of which most have been abandoned. Two sealing effect abroad crusher are good, but the seal crusher crusher complex than HP, but smaller annular ring and the dust bucket clearance requirements, so to install fixed cone caused great difficulties (practice, During the installation process moving cone passive cone inadvertently crushed annular ring phenomenon also occurs).

Fourth, the relatively nesting population adjustment mode

Similar nesting population adjustment mode PY type of domestic and foreign HP cone crusher Cone Crusher. When nesting population adjustment locknut first relief following lock cylinder, then clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the adjustment ring to raise or lower the cone, so as to increase or decrease the discharge port purposes. They differ in that HP-type cone crusher rotation adjustment ring with a hydraulic motor driven gear, the ring gear transmission, while the domestic crusher is the use of two hydraulic cylinders push to achieve. Foreign cone crusher is achieved increase or decrease the discharge opening by a hydraulic cylinder under the purpose of promoting the bottom of the rack moving cone spindle lifting.

In comparison, the nesting population adjustment mode HP type cone crusher and cone crusher H-efficient and safe, easy to implement automatic control, and adjust the way the domestic cone crusher compared to hearing.

Comparison of Five, installation of

PY Cone crusher motor and the host are connected directly through the anchor bolts into the concrete foundation. Abroad HP cone crusher is adopted first motor and a host fixed on the steel frame and then through the buffer means (ie shock absorbers) and then connected to the frame to concrete foundation. And the latter with the overall installation, good damping effect, low noise.

Six, the overall performance comparison

These three works similar cone crusher are driven by the purpose of the eccentric sleeve eccentrically moving cone circular movement within the fixed cone, so as to achieve mashed, crushed, crushing and grinding the ore. But domestic crusher and crusher compared to imports, domestic cone crusher dynamic cone spindle relatively thin, and support dynamic cone spherical copper tile but relatively large (frictional resistance, heat generation and more, increases power consumption ).

In short, in the case of similar overall size of foreign cone crusher drive power, so in terms of processing power and fragmentation effects are superior to domestic cone crusher.


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