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Three inspection Cone Crusher

Time:2015-10-20 14:22:08 10:10:46 AM Num:84

First, the installation of inspection

cone crusher is usually installed on a level concrete foundation, with anchor bolts. After the installation should check all parts for loose bolts and host the doors are tight, check whether the main body and the horizontal plane perpendicular to the power supply line to check device configuration and control switches. After the check, empty load test, test the normal production.

2, put the active device chassis plane should remove dust and other things, so activities can not be broken when the device encounters a material bearing on the chassis can not move, resulting in a serious accident cone crusher.

Second, check the component

1. Use of cone crusher bearing directly affects the life of the machine and running, in production to do the lubrication of the bearing. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35 degrees, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 degrees, such as more than 70 degrees, should immediately stop and investigate the cause.

2, pay attention to check the wear parts wear, and pay attention to replacement of worn parts. Especially when the rack liner wear, should be replaced to avoid the wear cone crusher chassis.

3, if the cone crusher smooth operation, vibration and sound will not be much, if you want to abnormal vibration or noise in production, should immediately stop checks. Check the rotation of the gear in operation if there is friction with other members, check whether the adjustment ring is in operation or floating.

Third, give, discharge of inspection

1, check whether the material into the crushing cavity of desirable particle size must not exceed the specified range, the water content of not more than 15%. In the production should be careful to check whether there are impurities into the device, a metal material is prohibited into the machine to prevent damage to bearings and other parts.

2, periodically check the material circumstances, should ensure that the cone crusher discharge mouth open, as found nesting size does not comply with the discharge size, you should check the crushing tension situation liner wear and V-belt, found the problem timely replacement of worn parts and adjust V-belt tension.


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