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Reasons cone crusher phenomenon of burn-axis

Time:2015-10-19 15:32:57 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Burning shaft phenomenon in the daily production of the cone crusher, the more vulnerable. Why burn axis phenomenon? This is a lot of users want to understand the problem, the following answer it for you on this issue.

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One problem: In normal crushing process, cone crusher suddenly stop, and in the parking sharp sound, the motor is still running;

 Causes 1: When using a cone crusher lubricating oil is not the time of lubricating viscosity is not high, will not achieve proper lubrication. Such long-term use will cause the spindle and go back and forth friction linings, also a sharp rise in temperature in a short time;

Second problem: the disassembly, inspection process, the need to use the crane to lift the moving cone, easy maintenance, but found that the device is not likely to be lifted, and sometimes can only be lifted by a distance, even stop lifting move vertebrae, nor Back to the original position.

Cause Analysis II: the spindle with the liner friction process, will produce metal debris that may enter into with other parts of the lubricant, which is caused by wear and tear as well as other parts of the oil clogging the main reason for reduced lubrication amount of oil supply, increase the severity of the fault, the problem quickly sublimate content in a short time, to deteriorate. Thus resulting in a cone crusher and the eccentric shaft sleeve bush burned consequences of locking.


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