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Cone Crusher winter maintenance tips

Time:2015-10-19 15:15:35 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Coldest winter season. Cold weather is not conducive to the cone crusher is running, so the user needs in cold weather, to strengthen the cone crusher maintenance and repair work, as follows:

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First: we should strengthen routine inspection work, and attach detailed records on each cone crusher equipment, to facilitate later inspection or failure analysis. Records maintenance, replacement parts, daily usage and production data and other general records before.

Second: should strengthen cone crusher maintenance work and orderly conduct. Improper maintenance is the main reason cone crusher failure. Strictly in accordance with maintenance procedures carried out in the daily work of traditional Chinese medicine, in cold weather, but also should pay attention to the maintenance of the device. Users develop the best maintenance codes, in strict accordance with the requirements for execution, reducing the probability of leakage protection.

Third: strengthen management crusher equipment, maintenance of the existing institutions to improve, the best maintenance establish a sound mechanism. This will help improve the efficiency of maintenance, for emergencies also have a good response, Tracing Problem traceability of equipment, find the reasons from the record, to solve the problem fundamentally. Fourth: If the machinery needed for an extended period, we need to clean lubricating oil and other liquids, such as the use again, in injecting new lubricants. In cold weather, cone crusher played lubricant effect will be greatly reduced, so it's best to improve the number of replacement lubricant. And fully remove residual liquid and clean machine interior, extending the life of cone crusher.


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