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How to properly operate the symons cone crusher?

Time:2015-10-16 14:54:25 10:10:46 AM Num:84

In the process of using the symons cone crusher, we may encounter problems ,what should we do to solve these problems, we must understand the characteristics of the product before use, and how to use .



1, The boot should be checked before the body of the door is closed, the machine is forbidden to open the door, in order to prevent the occurrence of danger.
2, The crusher must be no load to start, the normal operation of the material to be produced under normal.
3, The size of the input material to the requirements of the provisions of the general assembly caused by damage and low output.
4, In the process of breaking, such as abnormal phenomenon, that is, stop check, after the failure of the production.
5, The regular rotation of the bearing parts of the lubricating oil.
symons cone crusher has the advantages of crushing ratio, uniform particle size, too small, low energy consumption and so on. But the hammer wear faster, in the hard material crushing applications has been limited; also the grate bars if blocked, not to use broken high humidity and clay containing material.


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