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Jaw crusher is the most characteristic of motion.

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 Jaw crusher, mainly through the static jaw and moving jaw plate to complete the two pieces of ore crushing. Mainly used for various materials and mineral raw material, the primary crushing, the compressive strength can be as high as 350 MPa, can be 1200 mm in diameter of the bulk ore has a very good crushing effect.


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The basic factor to ensure the best performance of jaw crusher is that the moving jaw has the best motion characteristic. This characteristic is obtained by the optimization design of mechanism. Therefore, the optimal design of jaw crusher mechanism is the basic method to ensure the best performance of the crusher. By means of which the optimum design module of the mechanism is optimized, the optimal dynamic jaw motion characteristics are obtained. The practical results show that the performance of the crusher is significantly improved. Jaw crusher producted by Zhongxin Heavy Industry are sold to various continents and countries in Southeast Asia, the product has always reached the world advanced level.


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