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The new energy efficient cone crusher greener

Time:2015-10-14 15:34:11 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 Air pollution, soil erosion, and the emergence of the haze in the life of the people, but with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the development of the market economy, the crushing equipment also increased the requirements. Therefore Jiaozuo Xinhai production of cone crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, energy-saving, more and more attention to the customers and the market's favorite.

Jiaozuo Xinhai Zhongxin Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd production of XHP cone crusher is not only a can production of 1000 tons of multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, and through crushing speed and stroke perfect combination can provide maximum crushing ratio, because of the crushing with high efficiency, can reduce circulating load, and less broken production more fine products, further reduce the customer's investment and energy consumption, and today's society advocate low carbon environmental protection and sustainable development of spirit.

 XHP cone crusher is the most advanced technology, the configuration of efficient dust removal system to achieve zero waste in the production process to minimize the waste of material, reduce environmental pollution, green environmental protection equipment has become a market demand.

Zhongxin Heavy Indsutry in the production of mining and crushing equipment, more than 20 years of production experience makes our cone crusher more professional, if you want to further understanding my company's equipment, you are welcome to inquire us.


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