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How to correct the cone crusher noise?

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 Cone crusher is mainly to break the big rock, so the high speed running and the intense impact on the broken stone makes it hard to produce a lot of noise. Most customers think this is a problem, but it does harm to human health, so how do we reduce the huge noise generated by the cone crusher?

Why is there a huge noise? First, the large-scale machinery operation will inevitably produce a certain degree of noise, especially for cone crusher this high strength crushing equipment, processing are high hardness of large stone, crushing strength, impact strength is big, these are the reasons for the noise caused by broken machine.

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Secondly, when the broken machine failure will lead to severe noise, such as broken into the cavity can not break into the noise, such as cone crusher host imbalance, in high speed rotation will cause extremely severe vibration, etc., so that the use of cone crusher must pay attention to the use of equipment noise problems, because it is likely to be a signal of failure.

Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional cone crusher manufacturers, customers in the purchase of cone crusher time will tell customers all possible precautions, the customer before using the device will begin to pay attention to a variety of security risks, in use process, will try to avoid the occurrence of adverse events.


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