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Sand sand moisture control

Time:2015-10-09 09:44:42 10:10:46 AM Num:84

According to the specification of hydraulic concrete, the water content of artificial sand entering the mixing plant must be stable and less than 6%. In order to reduce the water content to the specified range and stability, the method of mechanical dewatering, dehydration and dry production is adopted.

The artificial sand in the process of the establishment of the basalt sand making machine is the result of the mechanical dewatering, the natural dehydration and the dry production dehydration.

The erection of the anti canopy in the finished product silo top, bottom sand pouring concrete floor and blind drainage facilities. After each bin, the material is placed in a blind ditch to clean up, to speed up the natural dehydration time.

The artificial sand and dewatering screen can be used to make the artificial sand mixed into the finished product.

The warehouse operation process, with loader feeding way, dehydration can prolong the time of sand.

After a period of time the regular inspection, water and sand rate test was 2.8% ~ 5%, therefore, to adopt the mechanical dewatering, dehydration to strengthen on-site warehouse loading with feeding machine, the blind ditch on the timely liquidation and other management measures, can make the moisture content of sand rate steady at around 6%.


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