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Nesting population adjustment problems

Time:2015-10-09 09:24:13 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Most of the upgrading of the cone crusher focus on the output of this feature, but it is very important to adjust the discharging mouth, because the cone crusher is relatively big, and we may need different particle size in the actual production, if the material is not well regulated, how to upgrade to make this work easier?

The production of Cone Crusher machine is large, high efficiency in the industry, and the overall use of are wear resistant materials, internal wearing parts is also additionally provided with a protective device, the cone crushing machine whole life increased a lot and the material processing range also increased a lot, but is the regulation of row material the work so that many customers have made difficult, we come to understand traditional cone crusher is how to adjust the exhaust outlet.

First of all, stop the cone crusher and then adjust, mainly by adjusting the ring and the supporting sleeve of the serrated thread to achieve the purpose of adjusting the height of the fixed cone liner. After the completion of the work adjustment can use steel wire shot in the crushing cavity to row ore mouth detection discharging mouth size until the row size of the discharge opening appropriate, making use of a locking cylinder lock tightening domain, restart production.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher researched and development by Zhongxin Heavy Industry, has a high motor through hydraulic coupling, a small bevel gear driving eccentric sleeve at the bottom of the big bevel gear, eccentric sleeve to rotate, resulting in pyramidal swing and crushing material, which is convenient and saving time, perfectly solves the problem of adjusting discharge opening.


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