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Cone Crusher In Rock Processing Can Reduce The Cost

Time:2015-09-29 10:14:23 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Cone crusher is used for sand and gravel aggregate processing, and now use more of the aggregate is basalt, granite and other hard ore, is the need to use after crushing machine processing, the past crushing machine processing these ore wear will be very big, and the output is not good, the overall calculation cost is relatively high. The cost of producing sand and gravel aggregate has been greatly reduced after the emergence of cone crusher.

The newly XHP type hydraulic cone crusher developed by Zhongxin Heavy Industry, compared with previous cone crusher also has the incomparable advantage, absorb the world advanced cone break production technology, used in the hydraulic system makes the equipment efficiency higher, hydraulic system also achieved full automatic tracking discharging mouth, just add a hydraulic motor position sensor can be.

New hydraulic cone crusher adopts the multi cylinder design, no matter from the material and yield are compared with the general cone break is much higher, our hydraulic cone crusher adopts is bronze shaft sleeve in vibration, dust and more broken environment provides greater load capacity. The bronze sleeve of the cost is relatively low, common tools can be replaced, use and repair are very convenient.

Various types of ore from the high hardness to the hardness of the general material can control the crusher elect hydraulic cone crusher can efficiently complete crushing to super fine crushing processing, become the device of choice for many users.


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