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Jaw crusher production emergency measures

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To ensure optimal performance jaw crusher fundamental factor is the movement of the movable jaw has the best features, this feature is designed to optimize the aid agencies. Therefore, jaw crusher mechanism is designed to optimize crusher has a fundamental way to ensure optimal performance. With the optimized design module where the bodies of the various specifications of the crusher to optimize the design to obtain the best dynamic jaw motion characteristics. The results show the crusher performance has improved significantly. Computer has been basically universal in the domestic manufacturers, but the jaw crusher mechanism optimized design has not yet been widely used. Jaw crusher stone equipment as a high-yield, throughput, blocking material problem prone. In response to the high efficiency, low energy production law, in-depth production site, research and analysis jaw crusher material blockage causes.

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In the production process crusher is against the V-belt to transfer power to the sheave and then crush the stone. When the triangle belt loose wheel rotation will be with the groove, and not driven sheave. A large amount of material can not be crushed in the crushing chamber, thus blocking the crushing chamber, did not break out. When the main bearing damage jaw crusher, but also will make one of the broken parts can not work, can not crush a lot of material did not break out in the crushing chamber, it will be stuck in them.
Crusher motor is required to be able to work a certain voltage normal, if the voltage is too low, then even if the motor can rotate the power it generates is not enough to crush the stone crushing chamber. At this time, there will be a large number of stones in the crushing cavity blockage, affecting production.
Eccentric jaw crusher is an important component of the crushing chamber, it requires constant rotation makes the broken parts to be able to play a crushing effect. But when the eccentric shaft adapter bushing loose, it will make the eccentric shaft stuck, they will not be able to be turned, the crusher can not naturally work.
Crusher production process, because the speed is too slow or effluent discharge port blockage are likely to make jaw crusher discharge material obstacles. So there is a lot of material clogging in the crushing cavity, making the crusher can not stop.


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