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Supplies inseparable cone crusher

Time:2015-09-02 04:56:25 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Construction industry of raw materials used in the processing of the crusher out material quality has attracted everyone's attention, Zhongxin Heavy Industry the latest research and development of hydraulic cone crusher greatly improves the quality of building materials.


Building materials broken site

Not only building materials, now more and more developed areas, road construction projects are constantly increasing, road building material quality is also very important, which requires processing technology of mine equipment must be achieved. Our newly launched cone crusher is fully in line with this requirement, after the test, by the majority of users sought. The reason is that this section cone crusher is used in the full warehouse to achieve the unique inter particle laminated crushing, so that the grain size of the material is better, most of them into a cube structure, by the sand industry.

The taper crushing machine has the advantages of long service life, large output, model complete, the highest yield was up to 1200t/h, suitable to large manufacturers purchase, internal use of the bi-directional iron protection device, ensure can equipment will not be because of the death of ticar and downtime, reduced machine downtime maintenance time, advanced lining plate fixation methods to improve the reliability of the lining board, making the efficiency of equipment than a general conic crusher more high.

To produce a high quality building materials is inseparable from the good equipment to help, cone crusher machine is the best choice,Zhongxin Heavy Industy has producted cone crushing machine for more than 20 years to ensure the quality of equipment.


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