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Cone crusher in gravel processing industry

Time:2015-08-25 18:50:34 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Gravel is too hard for a broken machine to crusher, the general crusher of machining this material life probably would be reduced by half. With the continuous progress of science and technology, crusher is also constantly updated replacement, cone crusher machine for gravel processing industry to bring the Gospel can say taper crushing machine is river gravel and other hard materials nemesis.

Gravel is a natural formation of the stone.By crushing it can be used in architectural decoration. In recent years, it is very popular in the market, but due to the relatively high hardness, the cost is relatively high. So the introduction of cone crusher by the customer's favorite. This equipment uses a hydraulic system, very intelligent and easy to operate, greatly saving the labor costs.

The advantage of the hydraulic system is that the cone crusher can use the hydraulic motor to adjust the discharging port with the load, and it is easy to adjust the broken circuit to achieve the balanced production, so as to improve the efficiency of the crusher. Bronze shaft sleeve inside the hydraulic cone crusher, in vibration, dust and more broken environment can provide a greater load capacity, and bronze bushings cost low, from various aspects are greatly reduces the you the cost of production.

 Zhongxin Heavy Industry ,with years of cone crusher production experience, making our equipment more reliable. In addition,We produced other equipment,like jaw crusher,impact crusher,vibrating screen etc.We are looking forward to cooperate with you!


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