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Offers several types of crushers to customers

Time:2015-08-19 11:43:12 10:10:46 AM Num:84

In recent years, broken equipment expanding range of applications,It is also the type of increasingly enriched. The Zhong Xin Heavy Industries as a modern mining machinery manufacturing enterprises,it is a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher of the development, production, sales-oriented .Customers can choose the right crusher according to their actual situation.

Although the zhong Xin Heavy Industries crusher wide range, but there are XHP series of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, PE jaw crusher, PF impact crusher, PSG Symons cone crusher, PY series of spring breakers, DP single cylinder cone crusher and other equipment mainly used ,Which XHP series of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher crushing ultra-high efficiency, stability widely favored to win the market, it is applied to a variety of ores, hard rock crushing, sand pebbles and other technology, and achieved good results, it has become China's first multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher brand.


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Zhong Xin Heavy Industries strong technical strength and improve the service system so that customers confidence to buy and use, and the company may be different according to the customer's process requirements, the combination of various types of equipment to meet customers' different process requirements.


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