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Jaw crusher for crushing ore and large materials

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 Jaw crusher is often used for large ore crushing and materials, and the jaw is designed to save energy in the original one, a high efficiency crushing equipment has joined an important factor in environmental protection, and therefore have been widely used in construction, roads, railways, mining, and other industrial fields. Next we will see him in more important areas.

As a long time more stone crushing equipment, and has long been used in major construction site stone crushing, crushing chamber of the crusher it can be described as a major part of the work, and the crushing chamber shape is the impact of the main conditions of the crusher.
Jaw crusher
When the ore into the crushing chamber after being subject to its own gravity, but also by friction, crushing force. Ore in the cone moving the forces. Due to the crushing cone crusher moving cone angle is small, and some are parallel with the crushing cavity, it has been crushed ore is almost impossible to free fall, mostly by declining ore weight along the movable cone ramp performed row mine.
In the jaw crusher crushing ratio and size structure unchanged, combining the main features of processing ore concentrator to optimize the transformation of jaw crusher cavity, using a ladder-type structure of the crushing chamber, lengthened parallel strips, reducing the nip angle, it achieved significant optimization results can be achieved to maximize the economic benefits.
After more than a hundred years of process improvement, modern jaw crusher and crusher of a century ago and has been completely different, not only the composition of the crusher machine chamber into a moving jaw and static jaw, but also a full range of imitation the animal's jaws motion for crushing materials.


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