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Vertical shaft impact crusher development and progress

Time:2018-08-28 10:05:21 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 Development of vertical shaft impact crusher has experienced a relatively lengthy process full, it will be continuous development, sand making mechanical efficiency also constantly upgrading, the above choice of materials is also very particular about the need to have. It requires a multifaceted point of view, choose the path of development, so that sand production line for the industry to make more contributions.

Vertical shaft impact crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher compared to other crusher is a great advantage, but the impact crusher in the objective existence of the defect. Since the impact crusher impact principle of broken material is the use of its combat elements, such as: hammer, hammer plate, back plate, etc., wear very fast in use.
This defect, in a fairly long period of time, to limit the scope of the impact crusher. It can only be used for crushing of hard materials. With the application of new wear-resistant materials, the company is constantly on the material impact crusher parts research improved and now to a large extent the impact crusher to extend the life and reduce the production costs.


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