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Matters sand washing machine needs attention

Time:2018-07-30 09:56:45 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 Sand washing machine is widely used in gravel pits, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing stations and other industries in the washing of the material.


Sand washing machine

1, sand washing machine use, should be fixed personnel responsible for the custody, the operator must have a certain level of technology. Sand washing machine is installed before the operator must conduct technical training to understand the principle of sand washing machine, performance, familiar with the procedures.
2, sand washing machine reducer first filling oil for one month, it should release all the oil, clean reraise clean oil, sand washing machine, filling should be filtered lubricant type Select in the South should be used lubricating oil higher viscosity than the north.
3, sand washing machines have the necessary repair tools, sand washing machine news, as well as lubrication and accessories.
4, sand washing machine should always check the oil level reducer, elastic belt, engaged state and lubrication of gears, bolts, nuts are loose, to ensure that sand washing machine is in proper working condition. At the same time, we want to friction parts sufficiently lubricated periodically greasing, lubricating oil.


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