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To the mining conditions factors of impact crusher

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Impact crusher from countries began to focus on the construction industry and the popularity of having a lot of scenarios. Then the crusher contains sand and crushed two functions, simplifying the overall operation of the process, convenient, simple, easy to operate, the market to promote the development direction of the crusher, impact crusher can produce at the same time building sand and stone used in construction.

Impact crusher

Impact crusher to the ore conditions: ore must be given in the middle of the dispensing tray, do not allow the ore directly into the crushing chamber. Because it is easy to make the crusher overload, so liner wear unevenly. To the ore can not be higher than the level of rolling acetabular wall, ore distribution plate uniformly dispersed in the crushing cavity.
Impact crusher are not allowed to load start, load start will certainly cause an accident. When parking, you must first stop to the mining machine, and has been let into the crushing chamber crushed ore is discharged, so that the crusher parking. Crusher and a full set of equipment to comply with practices in the use and maintenance safety.
Factors Affecting crusher Yield: The maximum size of the ore crusher, and are not allowed to be equal to the mine mouth size, otherwise it will lead to: crusher some other pieces of damage, reducing crusher Yield .


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