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Introduction to the four modules of the mobile crushing station

Time:2018-07-19 09:31:21 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 The mobile crushing station consists of four modules: the hopper and feeder module, the crusher platform module, the control tower module and the discharge tape module.

mobile crushing station

1, hopper and feeder module
The module is mainly composed of a hopper and a feeder supporting a steel structure main body, a hopper, a plate feeder, a feeder driving unit, a tail chute, a walkway, and a steel ladder.
The steel structure contained in this module is of high quality and large volume, and is an important component of the receiving part of the mobile crushing station. During the design process, if this module solution is not fixed, there will be many follow-up problems.
2, crusher platform module
The crusher platform module includes the crusher platform steel structure main body, the crusher, the crusher upper chute, and the crusher lower chute.
The core equipment in the crusher platform module is a crusher, which is an important equipment in the mobile crushing station. Its selection and configuration are related to the processing capacity of the crushing system. For example, the motor power is too large, which wastes power resources; too small, crushing capacity Not up to.
When designing, we must first select the crusher model according to the important position and processing capacity of the crushing system process, and also determine the placement direction of the crusher according to the crushing station layout process, which is convenient for maintenance and large materials.
3, control tower module
The control tower module mainly includes a control tower steel structure main body and a control room, a steel grille, a walkway, etc., and the control room is placed on the upper part of the control tower.
The control room is integrated with the action of the crusher, the feeder and the belt conveyor to a console through PLC. Through the advanced centralized control device, the operator can clearly know the working voltage and current of each drive unit. At the same time, the actual condition of the broken material in the hopper and the chute on the crusher can be directly observed through the window to control the feeding degree and prevent the excessive material from affecting the crushing capacity and material blockage.
4, discharge tape module
The discharging tape module mainly transports the crushed material of the crusher and the final material carried by the feeder back to the next primary tape or silo to play the role of transport.
After the plan is determined, consider the belt conveyor belt surface to the center height of the crusher. If the height of the crusher center to the belt conveyor is too large, the free fall impact of the material will be too large and the tape will be damaged; if the height is too small, the material will suddenly increase and block the discharge port, and then the crusher will not be able to break the material.


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