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Wheel bucket sand washer for sand and gravel production line

Time:2018-07-16 10:04:38 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 First, the working principle and use of the wheel bucket sand washer

The bucket sand washing machine is an excellent sand washing equipment with simple structure, reasonable structure, exquisite workmanship and mature technology. During its operation, the power unit drives the impeller to slowly rotate through the V-belt, reducer and gear, and the sand enters the washing tank through the feeding trough to complete the thorough cleaning. The clean sandstone will be carried away by the blade, and the impeller will be poured into the discharge trough to complete all the sandstone cleaning and impurity removal.
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The wheel-type sand washing machine has a good effect in the sand and gravel production line. It has good cleaning effect on various goose sand, marble sand, river sand and sea sand. It has attracted the attention of users and become an essential stone sand production line. One of the devices.
Second, what are the advantages of the wheel-type sand washer sand and gravel production line?
The wheel-type sand washing machine is better accepted by the sand and gravel processing factory. In addition to its strong working ability and wide application, it is more dependent on its own excellent performance and better use effect!
1. The novel and sealed structure design adopts the fully enclosed oil bath type transmission device to ensure the high efficiency and stability of the washing process, and the work efficiency is increased by 40%-60%;
2. Incorporating innovative thinking design, the impeller transmission device is completely isolated from water and sand, avoiding the phenomenon that the bearing is immersed in water and contaminant corrosion, and is better suited to various environments and prolongs the life of the fuselage;
3. It is more water-saving and energy-saving in work operation, and can be better applied to areas where water resources are not rich enough;
4, the operation noise is small, no dust, in line with the national environmental protection sand production standards;
5, the cleaning effect is good, the finished fine grain quality is excellent, clean, and has better market value and application effect.


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