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Jaw crusher for processing broken calcite

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Calcite is a widely distributed natural carbonate ore with a certain glass luster. It is mostly white and colorless. Occasionally, it also has red, rose, and yellowish colors. After processing, it is in metallurgy, construction, and chemical industry. Food, glass and other departments are widely used, and applied to plastics, paper and other fields, the use value is very significant.

Calcite processing has become a hot investment. When customers invest, the most important thing is the configuration of equipment. Because it directly affects the design of the powder road, the effect of the process, and the economic benefits of the company, it is prudent to choose. So what equipment does calcite use to process it?
1. Jaw Crusher
The jaw crusher is the key equipment for the initial processing of the sphagnum ore. It is usually composed of fascia, frame, flywheel and other components. It adopts innovative concept and solid process design. It has small size, quick installation, large output and good quality. High efficiency, low energy consumption, less pollution, etc. At the same time, the crushed materials can be adjusted within a reasonable range according to needs, and the use is very convenient, which is an ideal type of calcite crushing equipment.
Jaw Crusher
2, Raymond mill
The Raymond mill is the main part of the calcite mill production line, which plays an irreplaceable role. The product features are also particularly significant:
(1) The design of grinding roller and grinding ring is scientific, and it is made of wear-resistant and pressure-resistant materials, which is enough to ensure the reliability and practicability of equipment quality, and the service life is more than 3 times longer than other mills;
(2) The fine powder of calcite after milling is uniform, the impurities are less, the whiteness is high, the screening rate exceeds 99.9%, and the market price of finished fine powder is increased by about 30%;
(3) The internal seal design of the machine body, equipped with dust removal and sound-absorbing equipment, can achieve green production and maintain a good workshop production environment;
(4) High efficiency and large output. There is almost no energy waste in the production process. The energy saving of the single machine is 75%, and the annual electricity cost for the enterprise is 30,000-70,000 yuan.
Calcite processing process
The calcite processing process has undergone stages of crushing, milling, powder selection and collection. First, the bulk calcite material is initially crushed into the jaw crusher through the silo; after that, it is evenly sent to the silo by the bucket elevator, and then quantitatively fed into the Raymond mill by the bucket elevator. Grinding processing; next, the calcined fine powder after grinding is classified by a classifier, and the unqualified fine powder is sent back to the main machine for re-grinding, and the powder satisfying the fineness requirement is separated and collected with the dust collector; The collected fine powder of calcite will enter the finished silo with the pipeline device, and then it can be packaged or loaded.


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