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Limestone circular vibrating screen advantages and disadvantages

Time:2018-06-28 11:16:52 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 Limestone circular vibrating screens can be divided into stainless steel limestone vibrating screens and carbon steel limestone vibrating screens. The advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


Limestone circular vibrating screens

1, stainless steel limestone circular vibrating screen
Advantages: corrosion resistance, low temperature strength, heat resistance, good mechanical properties. Deep drawing, bending and other normal temperature processing performance is good, will not harden after heat treatment. Disadvantages: Construction process requirements are relatively high, raw material costs are high, and prices are high.
2. Carbon steel limestone round vibrating screen
Advantages: Carbon steel has low strength and hardness, high plasticity and toughness, good welding performance, good malleability, low cost, and a wide range of performance. Disadvantages: low strength, no corrosion resistance, no magnetic characteristics.
The stainless steel limestone round vibrating screen is exquisite in appearance and has corrosion resistance. It is generally used in industries with high hygiene requirements such as food and medicine, as well as chemical and other corrosive product screening processes. Of course, if you have relatively high requirements for appearance, Stainless steel shaker is your choice, and the environmental requirements are relatively low. The carbon steel limestone circular vibrating screen is mostly used in the screening of products that are not corrosive and have no requirement for appearance and hygiene. Due to its low price, it is welcomed by customers.
Limestone circular shaker performance characteristics:
1. Circular vibrating screen adopts cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and eccentric block to adjust amplitude, which is easy to use and maintain.
2. The circular vibrating screen adopts spring steel woven mesh or punched sieve plate, which has long service life and is not easy to plug holes.
3, round vibrating screen uses rubber isolation spring, long life, low noise, smooth resonance area.


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