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Five Improvement Measures of Spring Cone Crusher

Time:2018-06-14 10:13:19 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 The types and types of spring cone crushers each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Such as crusher spindle life is generally shorter, easy to break and so on. In order to reduce the impact of these defects on the crusher, the crusher needs to be improved. Zhongxin Heavy Industry introduced five improvements.


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1, spring pressure. Adjust the pressure of the crusher spring and increase the diameter of the shaft to increase the original diameter by about 10%.
2. Improve the rounded shape of the broken shaft of the spring cone crusher. Increase the surface roughness of the spindle to reduce stress concentration there. In the old series, the corner radius is 10mm, which is too small. The improved fillet radius is tangent to the cone axis and the upper part is in contact with the cylindrical surface of the spindle.
3, spring cone crusher to reduce the main shaft and cone body interference. In order to ensure that the spindle and the body do not loosen during operation, the main shaft and the body are required to have a certain degree of interference. The larger the interference, the stronger the stress, but the stress concentration also increases, and the fatigue strength of the main shaft decreases. The more serious. Therefore, it is important to choose a reasonable amount of fit.
4. The spring cone crusher increases the deloading groove. The 30% of the stress concentration factor caused by the press fit can be reduced, and disadvantageous factors such as large bending moment, press fit, and fillet stress concentration are not concentrated on this section. Without deloading slots, the stress distribution resulting from press-fitting is in the state of small middle and large ends, and the stress at the lower end is greater than the stress at the upper end. After adding the relief groove to the section, the stress caused by the press fit is shared by the lower part by nearly 30%, so that the stress concentration point is away from the broken part, and the spindle can be well protected.
5, increase the transition arc, reduce stress concentration. Increasing the arc transition can reduce the stress concentration to a smaller extent, thereby effectively protecting the spindle and extending the service life of the spindle.


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