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Impact crusher uses dust collector to reduce dust pollution

Time:2018-06-12 11:17:39 10:10:46 AM Num:84

The impact crusher is one of the indispensable equipments in the gravel production line. When it is working, the rotation of the rotor will bring a lot of air flow. If the material is broken down, the particles will easily fly out during the operation and cause the environment. Pollution. In addition, it mainly completes the crushing by tapping, which increases the amount of dust. When the counterattack plate is hit for a long time, it will be worn out or dropped more seriously. The sealing performance will be greatly reduced, and dust pollution will also be aggravated. During the crushing operation of the impact crusher, a large amount of dust will be generated. In the crushing process, a special bag filter is installed. The crushing operation site environment is significantly improved, and the desired dust collection effect is achieved, which fully meets the national requirements for discharge standards.


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The dust collector has a cyclone-bag structure to prevent the high-speed dust-containing air flow from directly scouring the dust filter bag, prolonging the service life of the dust filter bag, and improving the dust collection efficiency. The crusher dust collector is equipped with a back blowing cleaning mechanism, which saves the cost of the air compressor compared with the pulse dust collector and therefore reduces the cost of the dust collector. The dust bag is mounted on the top of the dust collector, and a deceleration mechanism is used to drive the back blow. The tube swirls, and then the high pressure air is blown into the bag through the back blowing tube. The strong airflow makes the dust bag vibration to achieve the purpose of cleaning the dust. This cleaning mechanism is safe and reliable, reducing the bag cage and filter bag cleaned by the high pressure air pulse. Between wear and tear. Crusher bag dust collector adopts cyclone flow type shell, which has high dust removal efficiency. The thickness of steel plates such as cylinders, ash hoppers, and flower plates is in accordance with ZC Flat Bag Dust Collector, which has a compact structure, high rigidity and a service life of more than 15 years.


If the counterattack breaks during daily use and needs maintenance, pay attention to the clearance of the discharge opening and check the wear of some important parts, etc. If necessary, replace it so as not to affect the work of the machine.It is the parts that hold lubricating oil that need to be regularly cleaned to prevent changes in the properties of the lubricating oil caused by oil contamination.


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