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Introduce the operation details of jaw crusher

Time:2018-06-07 13:51:15 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 The application of Jaw Crusher is becoming more and more popular with the increasing demand for aggregates for sand and gravel. Among various stone production lines and gravel production lines, especially those with high hardness such as granite and basalt, crusher equipment is used. Played an irreplaceable role.


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Jaw crusher as a simple and complex mine crushing equipment, its working environment and nature determines its operating characteristics, to improve its performance, in order to improve the efficiency of the entire crushing production line or sand production line, must pay attention to Broken jaw crusher operation details.
1, As the jaw crusher is used as the first crusher in the entire production line, during operation, care should be taken not to allow large stones to jam the crusher's feeding port. If it is stuck, be sure to use iron hooks. Turn ore to remove it. If the ore crushes the crushing chamber, feed should be stopped and the ore in the chamber should be broken before reopening the miner; if a large ore needs to be taken out of the crushing chamber, it must be shut down and treated with special tools. It is strictly forbidden to use the hand to go from the crushing chamber. Take out the ore to avoid accidents.
2, the operation must pay attention to uniform ore, the ore must not be full of crushing cavity. At the same time, when the ore is given, the shovel's teeth and drill bits and other non-crushed objects shall be prevented from entering the crusher. Once these non-broken objects are found entering the crushing chamber and passing through the discharge port of the machine, they should be promptly removed by a professional operator to avoid entering the next crusher and causing serious equipment accidents.
3, jaw crusher must start without load. After start-up, if the crusher emits abnormal knocking sounds, it should be stopped. After checking and eliminating the ills, restart the machine. After a certain period of time after start-up, normal operation can be started before the mining equipment. The ore that is fed into the crusher should be gradually increased until it is fully loaded and overloading is avoided as much as possible.
4, During the operation, it should always pay attention to whether the lubrication of each lubrication point is normal. Note that the temperature of the bearing, especially the temperature of the eccentric bearing, must not exceed 600 degrees Celsius. Always check the wear of the discharge port and adjust the size of the discharge port according to the wear.


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