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Measures to reduce the output of vibrating screens

Time:2018-06-01 09:46:12 10:10:46 AM Num:84

In many users' production operations, the failure of vibrating screen output is reduced. There are many factors that cause this phenomenon. For example, equipment aging, component wear, changes in raw material composition, increase in the amount of feed, resulting in accumulation of raw materials on the screen surface affect many factors such as insufficient output Stability, but can not be simply based on the small size of the screening area, the screen angle is small, and other reasons, here we focus on these factors to explain and propose appropriate responses.

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With the continuous improvement of screening technology, some of the more advanced screening equipment have been able to effectively play a role in the screening of such raw materials affected by the environment, such as high-efficiency swinging sieves and square fine screening machines. Effectively solve the impact of environmental factors on production, and effectively improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, the factors affecting the screening production are many, and it cannot be simply considered as the area of ​​screening, the amount of material to be charged, the adjustment of equipment, etc., but it needs to be comprehensively considered in order to better make the vibrating screen use its original performance advantages.
The countermeasures for reducing the output of vibrating screens are mainly in the following aspects: 1. Check the running status of the equipment is good, and replace aging and worn parts; 2. For large screens, increase the screen angle to increase the screen surface. The movement speed of the material flow; 3, increase the frequency of vibration of the motor properly, increase the frequency of the raw materials jumping on the screen surface, help to achieve rapid loosening of raw materials, through the sieve; 4, increase the corresponding cleaning device to Reduce the probability of blocking the net and increase the penetration rate; 5. Replace the new high-efficiency vibrating screen to achieve simultaneous increase in output and screening accuracy.


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