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How to reduce the cost of Symons cone crusher

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Symons cone crusher has a high degree of automation, uniform product particle size, high production efficiency, and a good overload protection device. The crusher and the motor foundation are an integral part. The base of the motor does not need to be grounded and it is easy to install. The hydraulic station has complete functions, and it is very easy to disassemble the fixed cone liner and the movable cone liner, and the sealing effect is good. Due to these advantages, the conical breaking machine will be widely used in the crushing of materials, especially high-hard materials.


Symons cone crusher

How to reduce the cost of Symons cone crusher, how to make Symons cone crusher to reduce energy consumption as much as possible when working, how to minimize the cost loss of the enterprise are all very important things. First of all, cone crushers are the first to consider when choosing liners: yield, power consumption, and wear resistance of the liner. In general, the following principles should be followed: maximum feed size, change in particle size, distribution of feed particle size, hardness of the material, and wear resistance of the material. The longer the liner is, the higher the power consumption is. The short liner for hard materials and the long liner for soft materials are selected. In the distribution of materials, short liners for fine materials and long liners for rough materials are selected.
When the cone crusher is broken, the final discharge will generally result in a lot of waste of resources. If this problem can be solved, then many materials can be saved. The distribution of the feed particle size, in general, is less than 10% of the material at the discharge outlet of the closed side. If it exceeds 10%, the power consumption increases and the product particle size becomes a sheet. The increase of the moisture content of the viscous material can affect the throughput of the material, and generally does not exceed 5% with respect to the moisture content of the material. In the use of power: standard cone crusher should reach 75% -80%, short head cone crusher should reach 80% -85%. Simmons cone crusher in the work, the feed should be uniform, can not segregate. If the feeding is not uniform, the production capacity will be reduced, the product particle size will be too large, the spring action will be frequent, the pressure of the bowl-shaped bearing will be large, and the power consumption will increase.


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