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Jaw crusher bearing abnormal temperature rise causes

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 Once the jaw crusher is damaged, it can easily cause downtime. However, in production, bearings will inevitably have a variety of problems. Abnormal temperature rise is one of the common failures. Today, we talk about the cause of abnormal temperature rise of Jaw Crusher bearings:

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1, the bearing wear is serious or the cage is damaged.
Once the bearing is worn out, as time goes by, the bearing inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, cages and other dimensions change, the bearing clearance increases, the running accuracy decreases, causing the bearing temperature to increase, vibration increases, noise increases, serious It will cause heat, vibration, bearing burned and even cause shaft bending.
2, poor bearing quality, the original clearance is too small.
If the clearance of the bearing does not reach the specified value, the clearance after installation will be too small, which will cause the bearing to heat during operation, and the temperature will gradually increase.
3, the axial positioning of the bearing is wrong.
Once the axial positioning of the bearing presents a problem, the labyrinth ring or the bearing gland is not installed in place, and the eccentric axial side flicks during operation, so that the bearing clearance is reduced, causing the bearing to generate heat.
4, the dynamic bearing bore machining error.
The machining error of the bearing hole is large, and the coaxiality exceeds the permissible value. As a result, the misalignment of the outer ring of the bearing after the installation of the two plates is larger, which may cause the clearance to become smaller and the bearing to generate heat.
5, spindle processing problems.
The coaxial coaxiality error of the bearings installed on both sides of the main shaft is too large, which exceeds the allowable value of the design. Thus, the coaxial error of the inner ring after the bearings at both ends is installed is too large, resulting in smaller clearance and bearing heating.
6. The axial motion of the sleeve is tightly fixed.
At this time, the bearing cover on the rack should be disassembled, the tight bushing should be locked, the flywheel or sheave should be removed, and the new bushing must be replaced.
7, oil hole plug, bearing off the oil, too little fuel or too much oil.
These will cause the bearing temperature to rise, causing an abnormality. When the equipment is in operation, read the instructions carefully, and according to the specification, refuel on time.
8, parts processing accuracy can not meet the requirements.
Jaw crusher equipment parts of the precision can not meet the requirements, in particular, bearing housing processing accuracy can not meet the requirements, but also an important factor. The machining of the bearing seat hole must ensure the hole tolerance, roughness and cylindricity requirements. If the hole tolerance is too small, the clearance of the bearing is too small, and if it is too large, the clearance is loose. Both of these conditions will cause the bearing to generate heat.
9, improper use of lubricants.
According to the bearing operating temperature, speed index, load characteristics, lubrication methods and other factors selected bearing lubricants, improper selection of lubricants, viscosity is too low or too high, it is difficult to form an oil film, will cause the heat generated by the bearing operation can not take away, cause Bearing heat.
10, non-bearing temperature.
If the seal sleeve and the end cap are rubbed and the heat is generated, or if the double cover of the housing bearing housing rotates together with the main shaft, friction and heat will occur. These may be considered abnormal bearing temperature rise. The jaw crusher end cover and seal sleeve should be replaced at this time, or the upper bearing cover of the heating end of the housing bearing seat should be loosened, and be pressed into the housing bearing seat with a fuse and the bearing cover should be set to eliminate Cover rotation.


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