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Influencing factors of sand forming rate of sand making machine

Time:2018-05-08 09:32:05 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 Before we can find ways to increase the rate of sand production, we first need to understand what factors affect sand production rate.

Sand making equipment

Sand making equipment performance: The equipment performance directly affects the quality of sand and gravel, including the selection of the model of the equipment, the selection of the specifications, etc., which need to be combined with the material properties. In terms of the model of the sand making machine, in addition to the traditional sand making machine, there are emerging The sand making equipment has different working performances. In addition, the level of technical mastery of sand making machines varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This also results in different performances of sand making equipment produced by different manufacturers.
Material properties: The working parameters of the sand making machine need to be adjusted according to the physical and chemical properties of the materials. The higher the matching degree of the two, the better the working performance of the sand making equipment can be fully exerted, the quality of the finished product is better, and the sand forming rate is higher. The material properties of the material are different from those of the sand making machine. For example, the hardness and moisture content of the material are not suitable for the predetermined parameters of the sand making machine. The sand forming rate of the sand making machine will inevitably be greatly reduced.
Production environment: due to the origin of the materials, the production environment of sand aggregates will be different, the environment is complex, and the production site is poor. The stability of the sand production is poor, and the sand formation rate will also have different degrees of impact.


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