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Limestone sand production line equipment and process flow

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Limestone is a carbonate rock with calcite as its main component. It has a variety of different colors and is characterized by thermal conductivity, water absorption, sound insulation, and solidity. Limestone is not only an important industrial raw material for metallurgy, building materials, chemical engineering, and agriculture. , And it is also the main raw material for firing lime and cement. With the rapid development of cement and steel industry, the demand for limestone is further increasing.

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The limestone sand production line can crush the limestone to the user's required grain size range to meet the company's limestone production requirements. What are the limestone sand production line equipment? How about the process?
Limestone sand production line equipment is mainly vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, impact crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine and belt conveyor. The number of belt conveyors is configured according to the actual situation. Limestone sand When the production line produces dozens of tons to hundreds of tons, different production needs, configuration equipment specifications are not the same, click on the "free advice" to get their own configuration.
The large limestone is sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing under the action of a vibrating feeder. The vibrating screen screens the coarsely crushed limestone, and the qualified conveyor belt is sent to the impact crusher. The secondary crushing, if not qualified, is returned to the jaw crusher for crushing again. The limestone granules processed by the impact crusher enter the sand making machine under the action of the conveyor in accordance with the requirements of sand production. If it does not meet the demand for sand production, it will be returned to the impact crusher to be broken again and broken by the sand making machine. The limestone particles enter the sand washing machine for cleaning, dewatering, and grading, and are then output by the conveyor as finished products.


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