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Influence factors of impact crusher processing rubble price

Time:2018-04-16 14:06:13 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 The rubble is the irregular rock formed after the blasting or artificial excavation of the rock. There are two kinds of chaotic stone and flat stone. After processing, the use is very extensive. The rubble processing equipment is used first is the crushing equipment. In this numerous crushing equipment, it is better to counterattack broken rubbing stone, and to satisfy different users' requirements for finished products.


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The reason why many users will choose the impact crusher to process rubble, the main reason is that the impact crusher has strong pertinence to rubble crushing, strong crushing capacity, and the requirement for moisture content is not very high, can break the water content in general Ruo Shi, the crushing effect will not change; In addition, it can adapt to the higher hardness of rubble, energy consumption is also very low, the operation is also very smooth, so there are many users of rubble broken choose to counterattack crusher.
How much does the impact crusher process rubble prices? This is a problem that the majority of buyers are very concerned about. The specific price of the equipment must be determined based on the influencing factors and the actual conditions of the manufacturers. The following introduces several important influencing factors.
1. Model: The parameters of different models vary greatly, and the output of different types of equipment is also not the same. The larger the equipment type selected by the user, the higher the investment cost and the higher the quote price.
2. Competition: There are many manufacturers of rubble processing equipment. The more fierce the competition among manufacturers, the lower the market price of equipment; on the contrary, the market price of equipment is high if the competition is not fierce.
3. Demand: The investors in Maoshi have a greater demand for counterattack and the manufacturers' supply volume is insufficient. The overall market price of equipment will be very high; on the contrary, the quotation will be low.


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