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Method for adjusting the outlet of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher is one of the earliest crushing equipments. Because of its simple structure, convenient operation, reliable operation and easy maintenance, it has always been a leader in the crushing industry of mines.

The jaws of the jaw crusher are constantly worn by the ore during operation, so that the width of the discharge opening gradually increases. The width of the discharge port directly affects the productivity, power consumption and wear of the crusher of the jaw crusher. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the width of the discharge port in time.
Jaw crusher
1. Shim Adjustment: The principle of its function is to put a group of spacers equal in thickness between the back-pressure plate support and the back wall of the frame, and to increase or reduce the number of shim layers, so as to make the crusher discharge The purpose of the mouth to reduce or increase. This type of adjusting device is simple and compact in structure, and the weight of the whole machine is not much increased. Therefore, it is very suitable for large and medium-sized jaw crushers.
2. Sliding block adjustment: Turn the nut on the bolt so that the adjustment wedge moves up or down along the back wall of the rack to drive the front wedge to move forward or backward, thereby pushing the thrust plate or moving the rod. To achieve the purpose of discharge ore adjustment. This method is easy to adjust, saves time, does not need to stop adjustment, but increase the size and weight of the machine, medium and small jaw crusher often use this adjustment device.
3, hydraulic adjustment: In this position to install hydraulic push cylinder to adjust the discharge port, jaw crusher using hydraulic safety devices, both reliable and safe, but also easy to troubleshoot. The crusher's connecting rod is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and a piston, the cylinder is connected with the upper part of the connecting rod, and the piston is connected with the thrust plate support.
In normal operation, the cylinder is filled with pressure oil, and the piston and cylinder are equivalent to one integral link. When the crushing chamber enters a non-broken object, the force of the connecting rod rapidly increases, the oil pressure in the fuel tank suddenly increases, the liquid flow valve is pushed open, the pressure oil is extruded, and the piston and the cylinder are released. At this time, the connecting rod cylinder still moves up and down with the rotation of the eccentric shaft, but the connecting rod piston does not move, so the thrust plate and the moving jaw also do not swing and play a role as a safety device.


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