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Assembly Requirements for Cone Section of Spring Cone Crusher

Time:2018-03-23 09:14:41 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 The spring cone crusher has its spherical bearing bolted to the body and the upper and lower bushings are positioned by means of interference fits, keys and bolts. The spherical bearing seat is on the top bowl-shaped bowl-shaped spherical surface of the main shaft, while the lower bushing is set on skewed eccentricity. On the outer cylinder, the gap between the two is about 1mm. During eccentric rotation of the eccentric sleeve, the movable cone is supported by the contact between the body bush and the eccentric sleeve.


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In the empty load, the upper bush comes into contact with the bowl-shaped bearing frame to prevent overturning and damped rotation. The lubricating oil directly lubricates the bowl-shaped tile and the upper and lower bushes through the main shaft. The T-shaped sealing ring is bonded to the groove under the movable cone. Inside, a labyrinth seal is formed with the u-seal ring at the top of the counterweight to prevent oil leakage and to protect the gear and bearing surfaces from dust intrusion. The skirted oil baffle below the moving cone prevents splash oil from oozing out of the labyrinth seal. .


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