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How to deal with cone crusher motor failure

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The operation of the cone crusher is based on the motor. If the motor fails, the cone crusher will be in a paralyzed state. However, due to the long-term operation of the equipment, the motor will inevitably encounter some problems. Jiaozuo Zhongxin will summarize the common problems for you.

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1, the motor can not start. There are many reasons why the cone crusher motor cannot be started. However, it is common that the power plug is plugged in, or that the power cord and plug are disconnected and broken, but they can be checked one by one. If the motor is energized but does not rotate If an external force is applied and it can be rotated, it means that one of the capacitors has failed and the new capacitor is replaced.
2, the motor will not rotate. When the cone crusher starts, the motor will not rotate. If an external force is applied to rotate the motor, although it will rotate, it will send out a weak current sound, which can be considered as a result of capacitance leakage. If the current sound is too loud, the motor cannot be started, which is the reason for the short circuit of the capacitor. At this time, professional maintenance personnel should repair it.
When repairing, if there is no professional repair equipment, you can remove the capacitor and insert two leads into the neutral and hot wire sockets for charging. Then remove the lead and discharge it. If sparks can be generated, it can be proved that the capacitor can be used continuously. If the spark is weak, it indicates that the capacitance of the capacitor is decreasing. It needs to replace the new capacitor or add a small capacitor. However, if the capacitor is damaged, it must be replaced. The above method cannot be used for processing.
Jiaozuo Zhongxin Tips You, daily inspection is the main method to ensure the normal operation of the cone crusher motor, our company mainly produces various types of cone crusher, you are welcome to inquire.


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