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Vibration feeder maintenance introduced

Time:2018-01-12 10:00:00 10:10:46 AM Num:84

vibrating feeder


1 .to ensure that the vibrating feeder screen box and hopper, trough and other non-operation to maintain a small gap of 75mm.

2. Ensure that there is a 10mm clearance between the spring seat of the vibrating feeder and the screen damper frictional damping plate.
3. Check the vibrator oil and oil.
4. Shaker and sieve box to connect the high-strength bolts, once a week to check the fastening, does not allow any loose bolts.
5. Vibrator sealing plate and the isolation ring between the labyrinth groove oil (lithium grease).
6. Eccentric shaft bearings, if there is a damage, should be replaced in pairs.
It should be noted that the operator in the vibrating feeder equipment operation if found equipment defects or unreasonable, without changing the design of the device body case, put forward the transformation plan, and submitted to the higher authorities for consideration.


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