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How to improve the impact crusher board hammer wear

Time:2017-12-26 09:55:45 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Impact crusher at work, the plate hammer rotating with the rotor at high speed, the impact of being crushed material, impact and abrasion with the material, a long time of impact will inevitably lead to fracture, so the impact crusher equipment life will be shortened, so we must find out Hammer caused serious wear and tear of the hammer, in order to better solve and improve.


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1, to improve the wear resistance of the plate hammer material: the material in the crushing of medium hardness, plate hammer material can use high manganese steel; in the crushing of the higher hardness of the material, the use of chromium-molybdenum alloy cast steel, high-chromium white cast iron And other materials, these materials have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2, a reasonable choice of structural parameters and working parameters: plate hammer unit pure wear and rotor linear velocity is proportional to the square of the first to quadratic, so choose the right line speed is essential. Zhongxin Heavy Industry to provide an effective way is to ensure that the product under the premise of particle size, as far as possible to reduce the rotor speed, with a lower linear velocity to reduce the plate hammer abrasion, to ensure product size.

3, to improve utilization and reduce the time to replace the plate hammer: plate hammer utilization, replacement time and its structure and the fixed mode has a very close relationship, the effective approach is to use a symmetrical structure, a simple way to secure or use large Clamshell, large access door casing, not only can improve the utilization of the plate hammer, extend the service life, but also to achieve quick and easy replacement of the plate hammer.

4, the daily maintenance of the plate hammer: plate hammer wear performance and the daily maintenance of the staff are also inseparable, due to the counterattack crusher plate hammer in the work of labor-intensive, it is in direct contact with the material, resulting in Wear and tear, so the daily maintenance is very important, correct and regular maintenance of the plate hammer, plate hammer to ensure good contact with the contact surface, can improve its wear resistance, the service life will be extended.


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