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Low carbon environmental protection

Time:2015-05-14 11:27:06 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 In recent years, Chinese industry develops very fast, but also to the environment caused a huge impaction. In order toreduce the damage caused by the deterioration of the environment, the domestic industry will develop a low carbon economy, energy saving and emission reduction, the importance of environmental protection up is the first position. 


 Now the mining enterprises also need to develop new low carbon environmental protection, energy efficient products, including Zhongxin XHP multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is the use of international advanced technology for equipment replacement, energy efficient products to the advantage has become the mainstream of the market. 


  XHP multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a high crushing rate and stroke through the perfect combination, can provide the big crushing ratio, high efficiency because of the broken , about doing this can reduce circulating load, which can be used to produce less broken segments more fine products, the customer's investment and to further reduce energy consumption, which is consistent with the low carbon environmental protection and sustainable development advocated the spirit of today's society.



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