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Cone crusher hydraulic safety device advantages

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Cone crusher spring safety device is not perfect, in practice, often can not play the role of insurance, can easily lead to broken axles and other major accidents, and discharge port regulation is not convenient, for which reason, the more common application of hydraulic pressure abroad Cone crusher, the application of hydraulic pressure timely, the use of hydraulic positioning mechanism, reliable, and automatically exclude pieces of iron such as the unbreakable, the hydraulic system plays a supporting crusher cone, adjusting discharge mouth, to achieve overload protection of the three major roles , Hydraulic cone crusher to adjust the discharge mouth and exclude non-broken objects can be completed within only about a minute, showing that it is more advanced than the spring cone crusher.

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Cylinder to achieve the role of hydraulic insurance set in the connecting rod body. Before the crusher is started, start the hydraulic pump to charge the cylinder piston of the connecting rod body so that the hydraulic pressure does not exceed 200 kg / cm2. Then start the main motor, crusher normal work. When the crushing chamber into non-broken objects, so that connecting rod under the hydraulic pressure exceeds the prescribed pressure, forcing the high-pressure relief valve open, the lower cylinder oil flow to the upper cylinder pressure relief, so that the lower part of the connecting rod, the thrust plate And move the E stop the movement, while the main motor, eccentric shaft and the upper part of the connecting rod as usual, thus protecting the machine from damage, parking remove non-broken objects, and then re-drive.
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Hydraulic protection device has the following advantages: compact structure, reliable work, non-broken objects can be automatically discharged and automatic jaw reset, different parking, so that the machine to increase the stress is small, usually 10%, while the safety device to increase the spring machine about 30% Stress. Therefore, the hydraulic safety device is more and more widely used, but also one of the development trend of cone crusher.


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