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How to extract sand after washing sand?

Time:2017-12-13 10:35:16 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 A lot of fine sand in the sand coming out of the sand washing machine in the gravel plant was wasted, and most of them went into the sedimentation tank, causing the sand out of the sand washing machine to be coarse and the fine sand was wasted , And also increased the sedimentation tank resources, for the recovery of these fine sand has done a good job, the introduction of advanced technology, and with the emerging sand production line, sand making machine, sand washing machine, sand production line In many areas are used up, the production of gravel has gradually changed the artificial sand machine, and the production of artificial sand is also increased year by year, the quality is also increased year by year, which can not do without the domestic urban construction, requires a lot of Gravel.


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In order not to waste sand after the process of fine sand, we introduce sand recycling machine equipment, fine sand recycling machine in the sand washing machine behind the sand will be extracted, and collected, so that every day to save a lot of fine sand , The amount of year after year out will be very large, the benefits are also very impressive, but also reduce the burden on the sedimentation tank, serve two purposes.

Environmental protection for the development direction, environmental protection year by year strict, sand recycling machine is to promote energy-saving environmental protection equipment, not only have good economic benefits, but also good social benefits.



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