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How to prevent the jaw crusher wear it?

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 Jaw crusher is the most commonly used equipment in the crusher industry, but when the jaw crusher is used often, there will be some wear and tear, Zhongxin Heavy Industries to tell you about how to prevent the jaw crusher wear and improve the jaw Crusher life.


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 (1) jaw crusher by increasing the interference due to the transition with the jaw crusher may occur with the gap, so that when the load back empty back, resulting in the formation of contact surface vibration fretting wear and tear. Interconnection with interference carrying capacity of high, in the impact, vibration load can also be more reliable work, and the greater the effect of the more significant interference, but the greater the assembly stress. For example: 4R Raymond grinding drive driven shaft and gear hub hole coupling with the H7 / n6 to H7 / r6 to prevent fretting wear better results. Inner diameter> 200 mm bearings and shaft from k6 to 6 with anti-loosening effect will be better.

 (2) jaw crusher by changing the key link for the expansion joint expansion joint is between the hub hole and the shaft assembly of one or several expansion joints (by the inner and outer cone sleeve) in the shaft A static coupling of a shaft and a hub to a force while transmitting a torque, an axial force, or a composite load of both. For example: the PE 600 × 900 jaw crusher flywheel, pulley and eccentric shaft coupling from key to keyless expansion joint, not only easy to disassemble, and the connection is more reliable. Self-aligning sleeves are available for connection of bearings and shafts with inner ring diameters ≤ 200 mm.

(3) jaw crusher machine to improve the processing accuracy to eliminate relative vibration For example: the fixed or movable jaw surface of the plane grinding, reducing the assembly surface coupling gap to eliminate the relative vibration and reduce fretting wear.

(4) jaw crusher by increasing the pad between the contact surface in the jaw crusher fixed between the jaw and the front wall to increase the liner to protect the front wall of the rack, the liner spot welding on the front wall, you can Easy to change. For example: PE 750 × 1060 jaw crusher front wall inside the design, add a layer of 10 mm thick checkered lining for the protection of the front wall of the body.

 (5) Jaw crusher increases fretting wear resistance by increasing surface hardness. Surface modification techniques such as heat treatment, surface coating, surfacing and the like are used to improve fretting wear resistance.


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