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Sand making machine tailings processing options

Time:2017-11-30 10:56:57 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Sand processing iron ore tailings more and more become the first choice for tailings processing, tailings iron production system in modern iron ore tailings recycling and grinding system, recycling the loss of iron in the main process, the tailings grade from 27 % To 15% or less, this low value of the tailings can have 3 typical uses.


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1, for the production of low-end building materials. This kind of low value-added tailings can be used to recover part of the coarse tailings, which can be used to replace the relatively fine yellow sand on the market.

2, tailings dry stacking. This low value-added tailings by the filter press dehydration, the water can be controlled below 20%, to meet the transport, dry pile requirements. After completing the safety and environmental impact assessment, the land bank will be heaped.

3, tailings filling gob area. The tailings with low added value can be used for filling the goaf, so as to eliminate the potential safety hazard in the goaf and reduce the environmental pollution caused by tailings deposit on the surface.

Of the above three treatment methods, the most economic value is undoubtedly the first, so most of the role of iron ore tailings are mainly concentrated in this area, and continues to expand. The tailings crushing, milling which inevitably requires some crushing mill sand equipment, Zhong Xin Heavy Industries has many years of mining crushing equipment production experience, the production of new and efficient sand making machine, cone crusher, sand powder mill Machine for tailings processing has unparalleled advantages. Especially for iron ore tailings higher hardness of the material, more suitable.


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