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Impact crusher processing limestone deposition method

Time:2017-11-27 10:20:01 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Impact crusher processing limestone deposition method can be used, the deposition method is similar to the displacement method, mainly related to the principle is: in the mixed solution, containing two or more than two kinds of limestone ions, limestone ion reduction point according to different, Lively limestone ions will be given priority to restore the limestone ions are restored as the type and center, follow-up limestone ions and then reduced to growth. Impact crushers that eventually form two types of limestone or multiple types of limestone produce a composite structure. This method is relatively simple and relatively easy to operate, the reaction conditions are better control. Just control the temperature of the reaction system, the concentration of limestone ions, the type and amount of reducing agent.


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In order to reduce the fluctuation range of grading granularity, it is necessary to use the eddy current stability of grading impact crusher, while the air is more sensitive to temperature and pressure, especially the pressure change has a greater impact on the airflow, so the system set the temperature and pressure sensors and air volume detection device , Once found that the air rate greater volatility, the system immediately alarm, take measures to regulate the air flow in order to ensure smooth and stable.


Impact crusher deposition method for the ore to provide fluid power, and its characteristics and mill production performance (product yield and accuracy) are closely related, so the dressing of the device is essential. Requires strong negative suction suction performance curve characteristics of smooth changes. In the event of counter-pressure crusher deposition system pressure fluctuations, the fluctuations in air flow slow.


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